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kish hospital leadership

Kevin Poorten, President and CEO, KishHealth System, (815) 756-1521, x153376

Brad Copple, President, Kish & Valley West Hospitals, (815) 756-1521

David Proulx, Asst. VP of Operations, Valley West Community Hospital (815) 756-1521, x158375

Pamela Duffy, Vice President, Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer, Kish & Valley West Hospitals,
(815) 756-1521, x 153318

Loren Foelske, Vice President, Finance KishHealth System, (815) 756-1521, x 153322

Marcy Rubic, Executive Director, Kishwaukee Health Foundation, (815) 756-1521, x 159954

Joseph Dant, Vice President, Business Development, KishHealth System, (815) 756-1521, x 153777

Michael Kokott, Asst. Vice President, Marketing & Planning, KishHealth System, (815) 756-1521, x 153120

Karen Hagen, Executive Director, DeKalb County Hospice, (815) 756-3000

Heath Bell, Chief Information Officer, VP, Revenue Cycle, KishHealth System, (815) 756-1521, x 153670

Dr. Michael Kulisz, Chief Medical Officer, KishHealth System, (815) 756-1521, x 158374

Mark Thate, Vice President, Human Resources, KishHealth System, (815) 756-1521, x 153615

Cheryl Fisher, Vice President, Patient Care Services, KishHealth System, (815) 756-1521, x 153700

KishHealth System Board of Directors

Kevin Poorten, KishHealth System President & CEO
Michael Larson, Chair
Michael Cullen, Past Chair
Thomas Matya, Vice Chair
John Moulton, 2nd Vice Chair
Timothy Ruetten, MD, Kish Hospital Chief of Staff
Ann West, MD, Valley West Chief of Staff
Thomas Choice
Terrence Duffy
Photine Liakos, MD
Mary Lynn McArtor
Jagdish Patel, MD
Leonetta Rizzi
Promod Vohra
Brad Waller